Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fauna Report

In which we expound on the critters we've seen recently

Early last Friday morning I went for a hike in the hills behind my place, which stands on the Northeast face of the Santa Monica Mountains. It's a populated area of attractive homes, but one that is shared by considerable wildlife. On the way up into the hills I came across a doe and two of her young. They bounded across the street in graceful leaps and hurtled over a fence, crashed noisily through the brush and out of sight.

Home owners, lock up your kitty cats
Later, on my way back down the hill, I rounded a corner and was confronted by a large coyote who trotted a few yards in front of me. In its mouth it held a dead cat. The cat's head, legs and tail dangled limply from Wyle E.'s jaws as it skulked by me.

It's a bad way for Fluffy to shuffle off this mortal coil, being eaten. Hills-living home owners should keep there kitties under lock and key, at least in the wee hours.

Critter Count
Deer: 3
Coyotes: 1
Cats: 1 (dead)


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