Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wimply Crue

In which a friend nearly kicks the crap out of a genuine Rock Star

My buddy, Buddha, who plays the stand-up bass in the jazzy-rock fusion ensemble, Renfield, had bit of a run in the other night with once-famed Motley Crue rocker, Vince Neil. After Renfield’s set, according to witnesses, Neil groped one of Buddha’s women friends, was brushed aside and returned, repeatedly, for more gropage. Mayhem ensued, with Neil having a very public fight with his wife, who also witnessed the gropings, getting up into Buddha’s face, being ditched by his wife, then being chased into the traffic near Pink's by a very angry Buddha, insisting all the while on the untouchability of his rock stardom.

For more detail, visit Buddha’s MySpace.


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