Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fauna Report

In which we find some of your fine feathereds flitting about the Valley-O

Poly wanna no paparazzi
Found this fine fellow—a canary-winged parakeet—with some his feral friends while cycling round the Valley near my offices just north of Bob Hope Airport. There was a whole flock of them flitting about in the eucalyptus trees on West Pacific Ave., no doubt escaped jailbirds from some pet parakeet Pelican Bay. You can see by the poorness of the picture that polly, wanting no papaprazzi, kept perambulating. This is one of a number of such feral flocks I’ve seen in the Valley, including one of full sized parrots. When I catch up with them again, hopefully I’ll have my camera handy.

Critter Count

Feral parakeets: 1 Flock


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