Saturday, July 15, 2006

His Little Pony

In which we admire a little urban horse flesh

One of the minor joys of living in Studio City is its proximity to the Rancho Equestrian District. The Rancho is an area within L.A. City limits where homeowners are permitted and encouraged to keep horses on their property. The hub os the district is the Equestrian Center, which includes many acres of stables, paddocks and arenas, and many miles of bridle trails through Griffith Park. The streets even have special lanes just for horses. The avid horseman can literally spend all day riding through the Rancho.

I snapped this pic on my way to through the Rancho this morning. It’s good to have a pony. In fact, every little boy and girl should have one. Be sure to click on the image for a larger and higher resolution pic.

Want to learn more about horses or even learn to ride? Hit up the Los Angeles Equestrian Center.


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