Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Governator Joins Sierra Club

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined the Sierra Club as part of a move to oppose off-shore oil drilling. The Sierra Club e-newsletter reads:

'California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced Monday that he will "do
everything I can to protect our coast" and will fight against the offshore oil
bill the Senate is poised to vote on this week, as well as any weakening of the
25-year moratorium on coastal drilling. In a teleconference hosted by Sierra
Club Executive Director Carl Pope, the governor echoed the Club's concern that
if the Senate bill passes, it would be merged with a House bill sponsored by
Representative Richard Pombo (R-Calif.) that could "lead to the weakening of the
moratorium that has protected our California coasts for 25 years."

The governor touted alternative fuels, new technologies, hydrogen fueling stations, hybrid and electric cars as better solutions. "For anyone to think that this will bring gas prices down is making a big mistake."'

As a Sierra Club member and proponent of energy diversification myself, I welcome the governor on board. But as a Set America Free Project supporter and as a proponent of U.S. energy independence, I am concerned that now is not the right time continue the moratorium on offshore drilling. Even if every vehicle in America magically turned itself a PHEV tomorrow morning, we would still have to get oil from somewhere. I would rather it come from here than from the Middle Eastern, terror-supporting tyrannies, even if it means a little unsightliness along the coast.


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