Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Zoom, and a Zoom

In which we feel the need for speed...

Remember pushing pedal to the metal and "topping out" your dad's car when you were a teenager? How fast did you go? 100 miles per hour? 120, or maybe even a little faster? Do you remember the sensation -- the engine screaming, the noisy rush of air; the thrill mixed with fear as you finally got your reason back and eased off the pedal? Now take that feeling and times it by three. 350.092 miles per hour (563.418kph) is the new record for a wheel driven diesel vehicle on land, set at Bonnevile Salt Flats on August 22, 2006.

Good going, JCB Dieselmax team.

For more about the record, check out my other blog, PurEnergy.

For more about land speed record racing, check out an old article of mine on and my previous Travels West post, Fast as it Gets.


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