Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fast as it Gets

In which M2 finds a link to his past

Enjoy the video above. It was taken in October of 1997 in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Its subject is a car; the world's first supersonic automobile, built by the British patrician and thrill-seeker Richard Noble and driven by RAF pilot, Andy Green. The car, ThrustSSC, sporting two surplus fighter jet engines, broke the sound barrier and the World Land Speed Record, reaching a two-way average speed of slightly more than 763 miles per hour.

For best results, put your head phones on and turn the sound all the way up. And bye the bye, that film was taken from at least a miles distant, so the width of the frame is itself about one mile. Sort of puts it in perspective.

I was lucky enough to be there that day, but this is the first publicly available film of the event I've seen. I wish there was more. If you have leads on film, video or DVD of this event, please drop me a line.


Blogger steve said...

And what kind of mileage were they getting there? Moving, isn't he?

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