Tuesday, May 02, 2006

America Libre!

In which the American West -- and the nation -- turns a corner

The photo at left, which appeared in today's LA Times, has transformed me from an equivocal supporter of gradual assimilation and citizenship for illegals into an amnesty now advocate. Why? The colors! The flags! These people are patriots, real American patriots, who have worked hard, paid their taxes and deserve to be citizens of the Republic, regardless of what kind of accents they carry.


Blogger Elcid said...

First off most don't pay taxes which is partly why they are illegal. However, being illegal doesn't exclude them from using public services which are paid for by American citizens, and not illegal immigrants. Secondly, they are in fact knowingly breaking the laws of the USA. You can't respect people who don't respect your laws. Thirdly, they work under the table for far less than what the average American citizen works for which in turn drives down wages particularly for the lower classes of American citizens. Then a recently statistic regarding American citizens without high school diplomas showed that there unemployment has risen almost at the same rate as the increase in illegal aliens. It now stands at somewhere between 18 - 20%. Lastly, I don't know what protest you witnessed, but the one I saw had more Mexican flags than American. Patriots certainly, but not American patriots. Finally, it is never up to a foreign power what is best for our country, but it is up to us. We dictate to them how we wish to institute immigration reform and not them. In Mexico they actually boycotted American goods. Not a very good way to get the American people on your side. The key word is illegal. The people protesting on our streets shows us just how big the problem is, and how badly our own government has handled it. Secure our boarders, and then dictate to the people who wish to work here just how many we will take, and on our terms, and not theirs.

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