Saturday, August 19, 2006


In which we have one of those "only in the Valley" moments

I suppose there must be a shop, or at least a supplier, to fill every need. And if the need is relatively obscure, more-or-less wholesome, and terribly middle class, a resource for it will probably be found in the Valley.

I came across "Bingo! Home of Bingo Novelty World & the Bingo Bugle Newspaper" today while puttering around on my bike. The shop carries all things bingo, from chits and cards to t-shirts and tote-bags. Meanwhile the Bingo Bugle serves the die-hard bingo enthusiast market. It's amazing how much there is to saysay on the topic. Best Bingo Bugle headline: "Bingo player spots tattooed tater in chips." (The article was about a bingo player who discovered a potato chip with what appeared to be letters burned into it. Not as thrilling as a weeping Jesus, but still.)

And my bingo astrological forecast? The Bugle's oracle tells me:

Ever since you were young, you’d wondered about something concerning Mom. Mystery now solved—you understand her better. Be careful not to hook horns with a female in charge the 14th. She’ll think better of you if you speak when she solicits your opinion.

Thanks! Good to know, Bingo Bugle! That thing about my mom has been bugging me for years. Now my mind is at ease. And my boss who is female, does have horns. So good call. Oh, and I'll try those lucky days, the 2nd and the 11th.


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