Sunday, May 11, 2008

Old Two-Two-Eight

In which we wax nostalgiac

Who doesn't love trains? Even sophistocrat Lucius Beebe loved the rails. This beauty, No. 228, is the Jewel in the Crown of San Francisco's F-Market line. Two-two-eight is San Francisco's only topless historic streetcar. Built in 1934, she originally served the city of Blackpool, England, where she worked until 1984.

Two-two-eight is known as a "boat car," for obvious reasons. Not only does she look like a ship, she sounds like one, too. Where most streetcars "ding-ding," 228 has a horn that "toot-toots" like a happy tugboat.

I caught up with 228 on a little bike ride yesterday, a sunny Satruday.


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