Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bay Day

In which take the bike out for a little spin

Took the ol’ velocipede up to Sausalito early this afternoon to get a little R&R. You know, a little exercise mixed with a little sight-seeing – picture perfect pre-spring day by the bay.

As I rolled by green copper dome of the Columbarium, near Geary and Arguello streets, I noticed the gates were open. Owned by the Neptune Society, the Columbarium is a place where the ashes of deceased people are interred. Some of San Francisco’s most prominent citizens rest here. I had never been inside before and what I found delighted me no end. Beneath the neo-classical dome are four floors of glass-covered niches, most displaying an urn full of ashes along with some of the affects of the dead. Among these things I saw a pair of bifocals, a teddy bear, a gold wristwatch and, in one niche, an old-time dentist’s drill.

Beautiful statuary, stained glass and classical details adorn the place. I noticed also that there is still space. Now I know where my final resting place will be.

I pedaled on up through the Arguello Gate of the Presidio and an on through the old fort and across the Golden Gate Bridge. I crossed slowly enjoying the brisk breeze and amusing myself with my newly acquired sailing skills, spotting the heading and tack of the sail boats below – this one on a port beam reach, that one close hauled, another running, spinnaker billowing in the west wind.
I stopped for lunch in Sausalito, at the Sausalito Taco Shop, where the food is fresh and spicy.


Blogger bubbles said...

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen the inside of the Columbarium or considered the prospect of the doors being open! Well done.

1:28 AM  

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