Thursday, February 07, 2008

Look Out, Blogosphere! Pops Bought a Scanner!

In which we celebrate family, ephemera and a clean, close shave

Blogging. Seems like everybody's getting into the act. And why not? Surely, everyone has something to say right?... Right?

Even The Popster, Poppa, Junkman, my dad, now has a blog. Luckily, the gassy septuagenarian has refrained from blogging about his ailments and his harpie troubles and instead has focused on one of his collecting enthusiasms, in this case paper and other ephemera.

Above is an image from his most recent entry, on a gas powered shaver -- of all things -- that he recently came across.

Now, recently, I left my razor at a hotel somewhere and was forced to go out and buy another. I'm not a fan of electric razors, so I bought another one of the multi-bladed ones similar to the one I had before. When I finally got the reinforced steel and concrete package open, however, I was surprised when two little batteries fell out onto the table.

What the... ?

Turns out I'd bought the latest, latest version of that shaver. Not only did that li'l fucker have no less than five blades, it also vibrated. This, the package assured me, would give the cleanest, closest shave I'd ever hope get. Well, I tried it once but it was just too damned stupid, the slippery little thing quivering in my paw like a chihuahua on LSD. I still have the shaver but I took the batteries out.

It's nice to know, at least, that this kind of stupidity is hardly new.

Thanks, Pops.


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