Thursday, January 10, 2008

Em... Yaar...

In which we talk a little pirate
A fan of swashbuckler films, I've always had a thing for pirates. I've had several pirate-themed birthday parties and annual Talk Like a Pirate Day is my fave holiday after San Francisco Fleet Week. Pirates of the Carribean is my favorite Disney attraction.

But I don't take it half as seriously as Piranha Swann Kidd of the Crew of The Buccaneers of Tortuga and her partner in crime, Armand Bordeux de La Garge.

I took this pic last Sunday, the same day I took the snap of Justine, below. Turns out that Mlle. Kidd and M. de La Garge and their crew of pirates were on hand at Maeve's to help their friend celebrate his new pirate-themed tattoo at the parlor around the corner. Not incidentally, Studio City Tattoo is pirate-themed. And no, I'm not kidding. See for yourself.

But wait, there's more. The area also boasts its own Pirate Shop, Enchanted Deva's in North Hollywood. And did you know that The Pyrate's Way was America's "preimier premiere pirate magazine?" Me neither.

I guess pirates really are the New Black.

The Captainess Kidd and her crew will be hosting PyrateCon in New Orleans later this year. If you happen to be in the Big Easy stop by for a little grog, matie!


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