Sunday, January 20, 2008

Postcards from 'Frisco

In which we take in some views from the 'ol town, plus some fauna
Alcatraz from Pier 39. Turn that eyesore over to the Indians and let them make it into a casino, for crying out loud.

The liberty ship, U.S.S Jeremiah O'Brien, with a rare wiff of smoke coming out of its funnel. Guess they must have been tuning 'er up. Funny the memories these things bring back. I hade almost forgotten the time I went to a dance party in the hold of the ship and ended up tending bar all night. I made several hundred dollars that night. It was so humid, what with all the gyrating dancers, that it actually began to "rain" inside the hold. Yes, it was gross, but I wouldn't give up that experience for anything.

The conservatory, Golden Gate Park.

The Chinese Pagoda, Stowe Lake, G.G. Park.

Rocket J., a squirrel, near Stowe Lake.

Buffalo in G.G. Park.


Blogger jackadandy said...

Michael, my father was one of those old fellows who made the trip to Normandy on the Jeremiah O'Brien for the 50th anniversary of D-Day. He went the whole voyage, from SF through the Panama Canal, to Britain and France, back across to I think Boston, and eventually back through the Golden Gate. He left working mess and returned as a gunner. It exhausted him, but it was one of the highlights of his life.

And speaking of bartending, as my father told it there was a great deal of hidden liquor stowed aboard for that voyage, thoroughly against the rules.


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