Thursday, April 17, 2008

Don't Make Me Buy This Car

Or this one, either...
I hate cars. No, that ain't right. I love cars. Cars are cool. I just hate owning them and paying for them -- gas, maintenance, washing... all that crap.

But two cars have recently struck my fancy, one available now for a song, the other available a little later for a more of a duet.

Mercedes Smart ForTwo Pure

Base Price: $11.5k
Mileage: 40/45 mpg

Cute, functional, cheap, pretty efficient, really, really easy to park and from a quality brand -- available now.

The Aptera

Hybrid diesel-electric three-wheeler that started out as a kit aircraft. Expected to be on the market next year. The Aptera company is currently taking reservations.

Price: "Under $30k"
Mileage: 230 mpg (6oo mile range)

decisions, decisions...


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