Saturday, May 03, 2008

Boris Beats the Odds

In which we say, wow

Now, as a general rule, I don't touch much on politics in this space. I'm too concerned with more important matters such learning to reef a sail in high winds and my latest road trip.

Boris Johnson was elected Mayor of London. Let me run that past you again: Boris Johnson, the colorful, witty, scruffy Tory outsider was elected mayor of what is arguably the greatest city on the planet. Londoners, as you probably know, are not known for their conservatism. So Johnson's overwhelming victory can be seen both as a rejection of the far-lefty anti-Americanism of Ken Livingston, who Boris has supplanted, but also a silmultaeneous refutation of Tony Blair's pro-Iraq War Labour party -- and a hope for some real political entertainment.
But, wow! Boris Johnson? An outspoken politician so un-PC he makes Lucius Beebe look like Ralph Nader.

We are impressed.


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