Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Burning Man for Bruins Fans

In which we give it the old college try

A beary nice day.

A pal from work is a Bruin. I was going to say "rabid Bruins fan" but that doesn't quite say it. No, Jeff is a Bruin, through-and-through -- a Valley born-and-bred Southlander whose alma mater is good old UCLA. During home games at the Rose Bowl, Jeff puts on one of the most elaborate and comfortable tailgates. "Tailgate" isn't exactly the right word either for what Jeff puts on. Arriving either the night before or in the wee hours in order to claim a prime bit of real-estate, Jeff sets up his site, made up of pair of "easy-up"pavillions, a real, charcoal barbeque, a picnic bench, comfy folding recliners, ice chests filled with barbeque fixin's, beers and booze, and three—count 'em, three—satellite TV sets (so he and his guests can watch all the games at once) and, piece de resistance, a home-made urinal. (Believe me, people, that last touch is a life-saver.) It's Burning Man for Bruins fans.

Flying the double standard: UCLA & JD
Now, except for Jeff, I've got no connection to UCLA. Living in Park La Brea, however, I learned to hate the all things Trojan. A lot of USC kids lived in my building, you see, and every one I met was a rude, self-centered, spoiled, snotty little shit. Needless to say, this endeared me to Über-Bruin, Jeff, and he began to invite me to his tailgates. After a few I was declared an honorary Bruin.

Bruin Claus gets on the horn to tell the elves to buy more beer.
These photos were taken at the UCLA vs. Oregon game, Nov. 24, which ended in a Bruins victory, 16-zip. Not the most exciting game in history, but an upset win nevertheless. Since then, sadly, the Bruins lost to the hated Trojans, although they did make it to the Las Vegas Bowl, where they will face off against BYU (i.e., the Mormons), Dec. 22.
What's a game without the Goodyear blimp? ... Uh, sorry, "airship."

Isn't that a Trojan Horse? What the... ?! Jeff later explained that this was part of a half-time ritual showing that the Trojans to be a pack of drunks, which of course they are. But it's a bit like the pot calling the kettle black, IMHO. BTW, that's part of Jeff's set-up in the background.
A junior Bruins quarterback throws the Hail Mary...

...and the receiver makes the catch!

Oregon fans can be so touchy! Jeeze, lighten-up, will ya?

Earlier in the day I took this snap of the Malibu fire from the Hollywood Hills.


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