Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Red Dawn

In which the world awakes to a hot foot

The fires are raging. Lake Arrowhead, in the San Bernadino Mountains and one of the most beautiful spots in all of Southern California, is a ablaze (of which more later). Smoke from this fire blows south and east across the San Gabriel Valley, lending the dawn sun its blood-like cast.

Today the Valley is wreathed in fire and smoke. And what do I do? Keep typing...

Addendum: It's noon now and I am absolutely choking on smoke; coughing and wheezing. Here's a satellite view of the the area right now:

Wow. Technology, yo?

Addendum II: Just took this image off of Nasa's Earth Observatory site, taken about 3:00pm. The Lake Arrowhead fire has grown geometrically. The air here heavy, leaden with smoke and ash -- and I'm not even in the the direct line of it. I promise never to play with matches again.

In other developments, the Catalina Island Co. is offering a 25 discount on lodging to people fleeing the fires. Excuse me? What? Catalina Island? Do the victims have to produce a snapshot of their burning houses as proofs of purchase? No, they just have to present the promo code, "FIRE DISCOUNT." C'mon! Sounds like a cheesy scheme to get more people to the island in the off-season.


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