Saturday, October 06, 2007

Snow Job

In which we comment upon the weather, etc.

Last night was cold by Southern California standards. I even considered turning on the heat. I refrained, though I did spread an extra blanket.

This morning dawned crisp and clear, the clearest I've seen it in a while. The sky was a perfect, cloudless, glowing field of blue, darkening to purple at the horizon. The desert alpine mountains of the valley stood out against this azure canvas, each contour and color vivid.

It was nice.

Took Nora's hybrid up to Lancaster, on the edge of the Mojave near Edwards Air Force Base, to look at a car I was thinking of buying. I did not buy the car, but the journey through the high desert hills was worth the time.

I stopped at the Vasquez Rocks, famous for being the backdrop for many westerns, as well an episode of Star Trek (the Gorn one) and one of the Star Trek movies (the one where Picard kills Kirk and takes his place).

I also noticed early snow on the north face of Baldy. Hopefully, this is the sign of a good snow season. I'm ready to ride again, after two years' hiatus.


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