Saturday, July 21, 2007


In which we get back in touch with with our inner barnyard animal enthusiast

So I like goats. So sue me.

At the top on Runyon Canyon there is a most incongruous little horse ranchette...

Wait, back up. For my northern reader(s) unfamiliar with Runyon Canyon, this is a large urban park on the northern edge of Hollywood, a few blocks north and west of Hollywood Boulevard and the Walk of Fame. The Canyon winds up into the Hollywood hills where in abuts Mulholland Drive. On Sundays I often walk up to Mulholland from the Studio City side (the other side of the hills), down to the foot of Runyon and back, a distance of some six miles with a vertical rise of about 800 feet.

Yes, I'm very hearty.

It's a place frequented by dog-walkers and joggers and people out to get a little exercise and enjoy the view. Reports have it that it was once a part of Errol Flynn's estate. Indeed, just off of Mulholland there is a Flynn Place.

Anyway... Where was I?... at the top on Runyon Canyon there is a most incongruous little horse ranchette. It clings to the terraced hillside, a red wooden ranch house, stable and paddock on about an acre of land that overlooks the L.A. basin with a magnificent I-can-see-my-house-from-here view. There are two white horses and two kids—baby goats, that is.

It's a sight that cheers nearly everyone who comes across it. Here, in the midst of this sprawling asphalt and concrete environment is this little patch of barnyard happiness.

I took these snaps with my new Canon PowerShot. Thanks, dad!


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