Friday, February 09, 2007


In which we turn and face the strain

Travels West readers may have noticed the last two posts seem uncharacteristic. That's because they were lifted from my other blog, PurEnergy, in which I've blathered on about the vital importance of American energy independence for more than a year.

I republished a few of my PurEnergy posts here because I will be shutting that blog down at the end of the week. I'm shutting it down for two reasons: a) I don't have enough time to spend on this very demanding topic and b) it seems that word is getting around about energy independence to the point where my voice is no longer required -- I believe we are nearing the tipping point.

From time to time, however, I will be covering energy independence, alternative energy, peak oil and politics here on Travels West, when the mood takes me.

To learn more about energy independence and fossil fuel alternatives, use these resources:

Set America Free
Apollo Alliance
Cal Cars
Green Car Congress
The Oil Drum
Terror-free Oil Initiative

Remember: Reliance on Foreign Fossil Fuel Fuels Terror.


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