Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Going Green(ish), Hollywood Style

In which we shill for a worthy Hollywood enterprise

The love affair between Hollywood's hipster eco-crats and the Toyota Prius hybrid car is well known and sometimes is even the butt of jokes among the blowhards of right wing radio. Until recently, however, stars who wanted to step out for the evening or go to a big Hollywood gala had to rely on old-school, gas-guzzling limousines to convey their carcasses in style. ECOLIMO, which started in 2004 with a few black Priuses (a little small as limos go), today boasts a fleet of hybrid-electric and bio-fueled vehicles that serves all the cities you can abbreviate -- L.A., S.F., D.C. and N.Y.C. The fleets includes the Ford Excursion Turbo Diesel, which runs on biodiesel and the gas-electric Lexus 400h, vehicles much more in line with Hollywood high-style.

Is there much of a gain here? In terms of air pollution there is an incremental gain. In terms of reduced foreign fossil fuel use, it depends on whether the customer chooses a hybrid-electric or a bio-diesel vehicle. Except for the Prius the other hybrid on offer don't get mileage much better than a ordinary passenger car, though significantly better than a standard stretch limo. There's not so much a gain as a flattening out. But that's better than nothing.


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