Monday, November 27, 2006


In which we visit Sin City... and have no time to sin

I was called to a conference in Las Vagas two weeks ago -- Webmaster World's PubCon Vegas 2006. It was a fine conference and I actually learned a lot and met a number of good contacts.

I stayed at Harrah’s, which, except for the piece of artwork pictured here, is in desperate need of demolition.

Vegas is Vegas. What can you say? You can gamble if you like (I don’t), eat all you can eat, drink yourself to death, and even get a hooker of just about any type imaginable, male, female and in-between. But it’s hard to do any of that if you’re also working the whole time, spending the bulk of it in your hotel room that looks out onto a parking lot hacking out copy. Ah, well.

There was one highlight to the trip, however. On Tuesday evening, our company threw a party in the new tower at the Palms for our partners. Little did I know that this was to be held in the $30K per night Hugh Hefner suite, just beneath the new Playboy Club. It was a gas.

If you’re one of the six or eight people who actually read this blog, you’ll know I’m a bit of a Hefster fan, especially from the old, Playboy After Dark days.

Hef's PoolAs you might expect, the master bedroom includes a fireplace, a kicking hi-fi, a large, round rotating bed with a large, round mirror on the ceiling above. The suite is surprisingly tasteful in a post modern, moderne sort of way. The pool, which is cantilevered out of the building 30 stories in the air, sports a large Playboy Bunny logo.

The closest I actually came to sinning, however? Nearly buying a $1,000 pair of Louis Vuitton loafers.

How pathetic is that?


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