Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Au Revoir, Mr. S.

In which we say goodbye to an old friend

Last week Mr. S. -- my custom, two-tone, red-and-white, Bajaj-Argo Chetak 150cc motor scooter -- suffered a mishap that at the time seemed relatively minor. I had misjudged the entrance to a parking lot while tying to avoid an oncoming car at night, hit the curb and sheered off the bolt that holds the oil.

Unfortunately, the damage to the vehicle's undercarriage was more than met the eye, and to keep Mr. S. running would require a new engine. That would cost more than the scooter is worth.

So, sadly, Mr. S. is to be sold to the repair shop as scrap. Hopefully, like a good organ donor, his parts will continue to be of service to other scooterists around the Valley.

As I have determined to bicycle to the office each day from now on (for fitness reasons) this is not too much of a strain, although I will miss taking Mr. S. up for rides in the San Gabriels and the Santa Monicas on the weekends. It will limit my sphere of travel somewhat, at least until I buy some little puddle-jumper of a car next year with which to convey my carcass hither and yon, but a little more walking and a little less spending will do me some good. And for a while I'll be fossil-fuel free, and I like the thought of screwing the Middle Eastern tyrannies and Big Oil, even if it's just a little bit.


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