Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow in Malibu!

In which we talk about the weather

An arctic cold front has chilled much of the nation and has even made its way to the sunny southlands of California. Snow has blanketed the Tehachapis, closing a huge swath of I-5, but that happens every other winter or so. What's wild is the canyons above Malibu have seen snow plows, people in Venice have seen their lawns dusted with snow, and even Tarzana --the Valley town named after the famed character who swung through the balmy jungles of Africa in the Edgar Rice Burroughs story -- had a visitation from Snow Miser. Skies have been clear here in Studio City. But I, for one, am hoping for a dusting, if only to get a rare photo. Personally, I like the cold, as long as it's a crisp, sunny cold that doesn't last forever (see below).
This should be a boon to the local ski resorts, which have gotten precious little of the white stuff so far this year.


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