Saturday, May 13, 2006

Now that is just tacky!

In which we are reminded we live in La La Land

This morning's LA Times devoted the top spot of its website and a good-sized spread in its dead-tree edition to piece of "artwork," that millionaire Richard Moriarity is intalling in his Newport Beach manse. As the pic above indicates, this so-called artwork is a '74 Lamborghini, bolted to one of Moriarity's refrigerator-like interior walls. The engine was removed and will serve as the room's "200 mph coffee table."

Don't get me wrong, I love cars. Some cars truly are works of art. But they are functional works of art that belong in the streets, doing what they were made to do: be driven.

There's conspicuous consumption and then there's conspicuous consumption. Owning a Twachtman and displaying it in your private collection is conspicuous consumption. But in the right context it can also be a show of exquisite taste and a display of knowledge in the fine arts. Putting a $500K supercar on your wall is just plain tacky – a flashy show that shows off only that you’ve got nothing but more money than you have brains.

Well, that’s SoCal on a bad day for ye!


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