Thursday, April 05, 2007

Southland Oddities: The World's Most Beautiful House

Or not

Most Beautiful House
That's what I dubbed this place after I first saw it a few weeks after moving to the Southland back in 2004: The World's Most Beautiful House. But it was already known among Angelenos as the House of David, and it sits on a corner of 3rd street near Rossmore in Hancock Park. The current owners have really pimped this Zsa-Zsa Gabor-style '50s ranch house in true Greek Renaissance style, with a veritable parade of copies of Michelangelo's David, ornate grill work, Ionic columns that hold up nothing, and busts of Roman Emperors.

Often parked out front is an SUV painted an iridescent orange and purple -- sweet! To top it all off, at Christmas time they cover the lawn with faux snow and give all the Davids Santa caps. Don't believe me? Check out Ken McCown's pics on Flickr.


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