Sunday, April 01, 2007

Find Arts (in L.A.?)

In which we pimp the launch of a new southland fine arts resource

Friend Christian Chensvold, of fame, where I write a column, has launched a new web venture called The new site will be a comprehensive guide to fine arts in the greater Los Angeles area -- a much-needed resource for all of us artsy-fartsy types who need an upper-crust breather from the constant pop-culture pounding that comes out of the Hollyweird machine. will cover classical music, opera, ballet and dance, museums and galleries, and all the other tony, high fallutin' stuff that goes on down here but is roundly ignored by the mainstream press and media. (And there's a surprising lot of it going on.)

Last night with Chenners I attended the Los Angeles Ballet in its inaugural season for a performance of Ballanchine dances that included Stravinsky's "Agon." It was damned fine and tightly danced with some truly stand-out performances. I only yawned once. I look forward to many more such evenings in the future.

Southlanders should visit early and often. Be sure to utilize the calendar function in the right column, which has all the important dates all in one place.


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