Friday, February 03, 2006

Little change of plan

In which M2 outlines his new blogging strategy

The fact is that me and the Bunnee have gone our separate ways. Sad but true. If you're one of the lucky five or six people who actually read this blog on occasion, then you know that its ostensible subject matter was our road trips together through the West. Well those aren't going to happen any more. And since the Bunnee got the car and I took the cute-scoot (see To Live and Scoot in L.A., below), I'm not going to be doing a lot of long-distance travel on my own, at least not for a while. So the focus of this blog henceforth will shift to shorter travel-related experiences in which I explore my surrounding environment -- L.A., Hollywood, Studio City, the Valley, the nearby mountains, etc. Don't look so glum. This place is a goldmine of wierdness just begging to be exploited for our amusement.


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