Saturday, September 06, 2008

What Every Man Wants: More Power

In which we indulge our testosterone just a little

Recently, the United States Coast Guard took delivery of its new flagship cutter, the USCGC Berthof. Named for Commodore Ellsworth Price Bertholf, the Coast Guard's First Commandant, the Bertholf is a state-of-the-art military and law enforcement vessel that packs a punch.

Length: 418 feet
Beam: 54 feet
Displacement: 4,500 long tons
Navigational Draft: 30 feet
Speed: 28 knots
Range: 12,000 nautical miles
Complement: 113 (14 Officers)
Armament: 1 57mm Bofors Gun
1 Phalanx CIWS 1B 20mm
4 50 Caliber Machine Guns
2 7.62mm Light Machine Guns

The Berthof on San Francisco Bay.
She will be home-ported here at Coast Guard Island, in the estuary between the island of Alameda and the Oakland shore. Note her elegant, sweeping lines and steeply raked bow.

The Berthof's 57mm Bofors gun.
This computer-controlled canon, capable of firing up to 200 rounds per minute, can put a shell through a dope-running cigarette boat dead amidships from more than a five miles away.
The Berthof can travel half way around the globe without refueling.


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