Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pirate Training

In which we say yaar...

Took some of the fam to the Festival of Sail festivities on Saturday. I had them take the ferry over from Oakland, which was a smart move, as the waterfront was a bit of a madhouse. It was a pleasant enough madhouse, but a madhouse nevertheless. Taking the ferry gave my great nephew, Nate (aged 4 and 7/8's) a new experience -- he'd never been on a real boat before. "It went fast!" he said.

Nate mans the helm of the HMS Bounty -- a replica of the original used in the 196o film "Mutiny on the Bounty" (that's the not-so-classic color version with Marlon Brando as Mr. Christian). The rambunctious little tyke also manned the rigging several times and had to literally be pried off the halyards.

Nate makes friends with Medusa outside the Pirate Academy at Embercadero Center.

The Pyrate Queen gives the kids a lesson in how to bake "eye-cake"-- made with human eyes and entrails. Spooky! But Nate wasn't scared.

Miss Mermaid posses for the camera inside the Pirate Academy.

The scow, Gas Light, photographed from the deck of the Bounty. The original Gas Light was built in the 1870s, a flat-bottomed scooner designed to carry cargo in relatively shallow waters. (The average depth of San Francisco Bay -- it's actually an estuary -- is just 14 feet.) The Gas Light plied the waters of the Bay and the Delta fro many years. This replica was built in 1990 and carries chartered passengers on day cruises. I have sailed on her once before and would like to do so again soon.


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