Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lankershim legacy

In which a fellow blogster gives us some good tidbits about the Lankershim ranch

LA City Nerd responds to my January post, Hey! I can see my new house from here... Says the City Nerd:

Congrats on your new digs. To add to your post and to connect to the Daily News feature on Forest Lawn, I wanted to let you know that Mr. J.B. Lankershim is buried not in a cemetary, but at Mulholland and Lankershim. So, just a few blocks up (south) the hill, you can find the original owner of the Homestead you see at the back of the property, according to your landlord. Look for a marker on the south side of Mulholland. Also, his original library, a seperate building, is no now located at the Anbdres Pico Adobe in Mission Hills (which is actually an L.A. City Rec & Parks facility).

For the record, I don't know for sure if the house at the back of the property really is one of the Lankershim houses, but that's the rumor. As an experienced journalist, I suppose I ought to bother to find out, but I figure some conscientious reader will flame me about it sooner or later to straighten me out.

Anyway, thanks for the tip, LA City Nerd. I'll check it out this weekend and get a picture, if I can figure out how to download from my digital camera.


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