Sunday, June 20, 2010

Random Snaps

In which we share a few shots taken around The City

Took this on the roof of my building last week. It's a red tailed hawk. It's quite common that these birds -- between 18" and 2' tall -- nest on the taller buildings downtown, but it is rare to see one up close. I got very lucky with this shot.

The U.S.S. Bunker Hill, a 9,600 ton, Ticonderoga class cruiser, slips under the Golden Gate Bridge. She joins the Russian guided missile cruiser, Varyag, along with a Japanese training squadron, on a goodwill, port-of-call tour. I hope to take a tour of the Varyag tomorrow.

I curious gull eyes me on the shore of the bay. He is probably eying my sandwich, thinking "Mine, mine, mine!"

Some artistes have put up several Andy Goldsworthy-style rock sculptures (or rock piles if you prefer) on the bay shore.

People practicing Kung Fu sword near the band shell in Golden Gate Park.

Turtles getting a little sun in Stowe Lake, Golden Gate Park.