Saturday, February 07, 2009

A San Francisco Sort of Day

In which we revel in the eccentric city... just a bit
This day was actually a few weeks back when the weather was still good. But it's still worth sharing.

- 2pm: Lunch with old friends at Sam's (Est. 1867); martini, real sourdough bread, Sam's Fillet of Sole, glass of Sauvignon Blanc

- 3pm: Tour of the Cable Car Museum and Winding House (I'd never been); a fascinating, underground look at how the world's most profitable and efficient public transit system works

The cables on the wheels they go round and round, round and round, round and round...

- 4pm: Cafe Americano and chat with friends at a cafe across the street from the Winding House; watched gripmen replace a worn grip on a Hyde Street Line car

- 6pm: Attended memorial for P.J. Corkery, author of a bio of Johnny Carson, Hollywood writer, and a sometime SF Examiner columnist. Speakers included the Honorable Willie Brown, the eye-patched and hound-toting literary privateer Warren Hinckle, restauranteur Ed Moose, Mrs. Dewson (the infamous hatter) and writer and gadfly Bruce Bellingham.

- 9:30pm: Date with an adorable Asian chanteuse; went to burlesque night at Annie's Social Club; late night cheap dinner at The Grubstake.

It's like therapy.


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